Very poor network performance gigabit-lan

hello community,

i have a gigabit-lan but my the network performance is (dependent from the send-direction) very poor.

1 pc with win xp, 1 with ubuntu

i measured with iperf, here are the results:

ubuntu as server (iperf -s)
win xp to ubuntu (iperf -c): bandwith about 50 Mbits / sec

ubuntu as client (iperf -c)
ubuntu to win xp (iperf -s): bandwith about 644 Mbits / sec

question: why is bandwith from win xp to ubuntu so poor?

thanks for your resonses.

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  1. Without fully reviewing the source code I can only guess, but probably iperf has a bug when complied for Windows.
  2. Transfer a large file both ways to determine if there's a performance issue.
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