Random freezing?

WARNING: Computer idiot on board... please be extremely patient with this fool that has no idea what he's dealing with.
Also, I've no idea where to post this to since I don't know if it's a problem with windows or my hardware, so bear with me:

I bought my PC two and a half years ago, a Dell Studio XPS 435T. Everything ran fine for the first year and a half to two years(except for the occasional video driver crash and restart while gaming) , and so I never considered cleaning out the dust in it until about a week ago. But about half a year (or longer?) ago, I started up the computer, only to have it freeze up on me. I couldn't move my mouse, my keyboard didn't do anything, so I simply restarted it manually. It worked fine then, but as time went by the freezing up became more frequent and could occur anytime. It got to a point whereby it would freeze many times for days in a row and work perfectly fine for the next couple of days, before freezing up again.

It was about that time that I would get rundll errors when I start up and my network access went (kind of) haywire, showing that there was no network access on the icon whilst I was connected to the internet.

Somewhere in the past few weeks, the freezing got really bad and on some days I could barely boot it at all, and so I decided to clean it out. I took out the cover, to find the interior really dusty, and got help from my brother ( who blew the dust out with a hairdryer) to clean it out. The only parts we removed were three small rectangular chips (bear with me, I don't know what it is.) and the fan above the heat sink. We reattached the parts and everything after we cleaned it out. It worked fine for the rest of the day after that, but the next day, it completely refused to boot.

I tried doing a system restore, resetting BIOS, going into safe mode and msconfig, updating my NVIDIA driver, booting with the last good config, uninstalling things, checking my device manager (I have many icons with a yellow triangle, but all that's stated is "Unidentified device")... nothing seems to work, and I still freeze up randomly (Even as I type I fear for the freeze demon). I already had trouble trying to get it to start up earlier on, and it's getting frustrating. One thing as well is that after I tried all that, my computer ran even slower than before.

I'm not too sure what my specs are, what I do know is that I've an NVIDIA GeForce GTX260 video card (which I updated), Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU (920 @ 2.67GHz 2.67 GHz ?) , running on Windows 7 x64, have 6.0GB RAM installed (but only 1.99GB usable.)

These are all the errored out drivers that I saw on my device manager...

And I found out a way to find out my specs:

Help and thanks in advance!
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  1. Sounds like an issue with HDD.
    If your HDD is WD scan it with this program
  2. butremor said:
    Sounds like an issue with HDD.
    If your HDD is WD scan it with this program

    I ran a scan, and it passed. I can't figure out what else is wrong with it.
  3. butremor said:

    Yeah, I repositioned the RAM chips. Now I face freezing from time to time and sometimes the screen would blank out to a certain color, no specific patterns on which. Would that be a problem with the video card, because coupled with that I get the six beep code after restarting manually.
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