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I don't really know anyway to say this post so I've written it as a journal entry..l kind of.

August 2012
I bought my motherboard, Novatech PSU, Xigmatek case, Corsair vengaence ram, AMD Phenom X4 965 3.4Ghz and I already had a hard drive, mouse, keyboard and LED screen. The pc was built within a week as parts were delivered at separate times.

November 2012
Installed a PCI x1 wireless networking card.

December 31st 2012-January 3rd 2013
I got enough money to buy an AMD radeon sapphire 7770 OC. I then installed it and on the first day it got delivered and the first game I fired up which was skyrim (that online benchmarks have got around 45-60 fps) but it only got around 20 frames per second. I knew straight away that this was not right, even with my budget motherboard, it should be running this slow. I made sure it was plugged in properly and blew some of the dust out of my psu and CPU fan and ran the game again but it wasn't of any effect. Although it was running poorly I accepted it but I pushed the thought that it was a faulty graphics card, to the back of my mind.

January 6th 2013
Installing a game at around 6:30pm and it was not very hot but not particularly cold either. I sat on my desktop chair waiting for the game to install and then bang! It sounded like someone clapping their hands right inside the a case. The pc immediately turned off and I couldn't turn it back on. I took the graphics card out and wriggled some wires and unplugged stuff and plugged them back it but still nothing. I figured the graphics card had messed something up. I was very quick to judge as I had previously said, I thought the graphics card was "foobar".

My step-dad wanted to help and tried to look at the fuse inside the power supply. Although I have no clue if it was that or if it was or wasn't the power supply. But In the process of checking the fuse he voided the warranty. So if it was the power supply that caused the fault, then I cannot claim warranty for it now.

My question now is can I claim warranty for my components as I have not enough money to be able to pay for a qualified technician to check out the PC and see what is wrong, and also have not enough money to buy all new components. I am returning the graphics card ASAP and sending as many components (excluding my ram, cd-rom, PCIe network card and case) as I can back, but there's a problem because I do not know how to claim a warranty!!! If someone could please please please help I would be very happy. Thanks In advance and if anyone has any questions or advice I would be happy to answer them.

Thanks again.
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  1. Contact the device manufacturer to clarify warranty period. You should find contact info on each of their websites. Most warranty claims require that you still have the purchase receipt, so make sure you can find them.
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