GPU or Monitor?

I posted here as I did not see a Monitor section...

Hello all,
Thanks for looking in. I was wondering if anyone knows if my monitor is going or is it the video card? Is there a way to ask the video card if it is on it's 'last leg' via BIOS or some other way to test it. If I have to get a monitor this is the weekend to buy it.

Product: Dell flat screen Monitor 5 years old.

Symptoms: Monitor flashes off and on periodically. (3 or 4 times thus far) When? Sometimes at first boot from hibernation I have got a black screen and then comes back on in a matter of 1.5 seconds. I have also seen it while typing or using the mouse flash black as it would do when entering standby mode with the writing "entering standby mode"

I checked all connections and they are tight/snug. My standby mode is set at 45 min of inactive to go into Hibernation mode. I open video shot from my camcorder with no hick-ups'. So the video card seems to be ok. No streaks or broken pixels. The computer is about 5 years old too.

Thanks for any help on this,
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  1. are you sure the video card isn't overheating? perhaps the fan has crapped out on it, if it has one...
  2. dingo07 said:
    are you sure the video card isn't overheating? perhaps the fan has crapped out on it, if it has one...

    I am not sure that is it. I can pull the side and check it. However the times that it has happened is NOT when a load is on the GPU that is why I was thinking it may be the monitor. The last two times it did it was 1. writing an email 2. moving all files to a back up drive incase the video card goes. I am building a new computer and only need till Monday to find a deal on some drives. However I was not going to buy I new monitor..(so i thought) X X <--fingers crossed
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    Simplest way to check: do you have access to another computer, or a friend's computer? If so, just connect it to there. If the problem persists, it's either the monitor or the cable. If it doesn't, then the problem is the graphics card OR the drivers.

    Also, because of what you're getting... Did you unplug and replug all connections, checking for dust? That's the easiest fix, and if it works...
  4. Good idea I will use my laptop, albeit intermittent, I will find out.
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  6. Sounds good - I hope it doesn't work. :P

    Having a slightly broken DVI cable is by far the fastest and easiest thing to have break.
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