My build, please help. WoW

I built a computer a couple of years ago for the first time. Since then I've swapped a couple of parts. I swapped what I thought would make it possible to max WoW easy. Here is my build.

Resolution 1920x1080 I have two primary 22" led monitors and my TV is hooked up for watching movies.

MOBO : Gigabyte GA-MA785GM-US2H
GPU : XFX ATI 6950 2GB
PSU : OCZ 750W
HDD : 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda 7200

Even with Diablo 3 I get serious frame drops.

Now don't get me wrong, I know I do not have a super computer by any means, but i also feel like I should be pulling better performance than I do. Right now I set WoW on ultra with vsync off. I am in SW with very few other people, it definitely isn't packed. I am only pulling about 30-35fps. What do you guys think is the issue? maybe because its slow ram? I haven't upgraded ram because ddr2 is expensive now and I'm working on a new build. I just need a new MOBO and CPU. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. 4 GB is pretty low I would guess it's that or your GPU, but it also appears there could be a setting issue, look through this topic and see if you find anything insightful, I found several potential solutions in it:
  2. 2 Monitors + a TV? so you run WoW on the monitors @ 3840x1080? 30-35fps sounds okay to me for that sort of res.

    My very-much aging PhenomII 955 / 4GB / GTX280 1gb plays everything including Hitman Absolution just fine, but at 1920 x 1200.
  3. 4GB isn't low - My g15 applet never shows more than 60% usage of RAM during gaming.
  4. I figured this GPU would be able to crush WoW with the right setup? Im reading through that topic and seeing a lot of people with issues but no fixes that work... hmm maybe it is a bug type problem. It's also interesting that all of my meters with MSI show that even at low FPS times I still never hit over 85% usage of the card. and the ram never maxes out.
  5. Ehh your multi-monitor set up could be causing issues, are you running 64-bit Windows? There is a 64-bit WoW client now, might not be the issue because it's also with Diablo but then again both are Blizzard products.
  6. Yeah its 64bit Windows 7, i guess i should have added that as well. A while back when tinkering with D3 I disabled all monitors and unplugged them and made it a single monitor set up and saw no improvement.
  7. Try going somewhere more remote in Wow, even if it's not crowded visibly, there's still quite a lot going on there, my 7870 dips into the 30s in org, but turns out as much as 90 elsewhere. The frame dips in diablo may boil down to ram, however I know I've seen complaints about this elsewhere, it may be the way the game loads content causes stuttering when it encounters something it needs to load on the fly.

    Before buying new HW, I would seriously consider a reformat if you haven't, just to rule out other issues.

    4GB of DDR2 isn't very much, or very fast. Often DDR2 is kinda expensive IIRC, it maybe worth picking up a new mobo with DDR3 support and 8GB of Ram. Half of your 4gb is going to be reserved by your still formidable GPU, so it's not hard to imagine that your hitting the page file on your HDD and getting hiccups from that (or simply getting hiccups from HDD hits).

    Your GPU and CPU should be just fine for WoW/Diablo imo.
  8. I agree I feel that the gpu/cpu should be perfect for blizzard games. maybe not for something like BF3 or those types, but this stuff it should destroy it. I've been avoided upgrading the MOBO because I would like to go intel with my next build. I'm afraid if I upgrade the MOBO/Ram it wont solve my problems then I just threw away that money. Where as If its intel I know its pretty much a 100% fresh build. I need to get a backup HDD and save all my videos/music and reformat this drive and reinstall windows. I haven't done that, its still fresh from when I built the PC
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  10. Im no expert by any means, but i would just assume based on logic that if my cpu was bottlenecking me that my CPU should be maxed out during those times? it never goes over 50%
  11. kyzarvs said:
    4GB isn't low - My g15 applet never shows more than 60% usage of RAM during gaming.

    Sorry no I only play WoW on one monitor at 1920x1080, then I have a secondary monitor at 1920x1080 and a TV at 720p but wow is only on one monitor.
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