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A while back I had purchased a new PC (first ever PC that could do any real gaming - so I'm not that versed in this sort of thing). A member of the community gave me step-by-step instructions on how to update the drivers because the ones available via Samsung were subpar.

I'm running an A10-4600M APU with a 7670M GPU. The last time I updated everything was way better! (so thanks again for the help from Tom's Hardware forums!). Now I'm looking to update to the newest beta drive ---> AMD Catalyst 12.11 beta.

These were the original steps I received for the old setup, and it worked like a charm


I have the same setup and it did took me awhile to get the best settings. Here is what I did.

Catalyst 12.8
Catlayst 12.9 embedded
CAP 12.8 3

1. Uninstall All the previous AMD/ATI drivers. [...] hics-cards

You will lose USB 3.0 function at this point.

2. restart.

3. Install Catalys 12.8 - Select ****custom. Install everything except the Control panel (last option).

4. Restart.

5. Install Catalyst 12.9 embedded - overwrite everything with the control panel

You should gain USB 3.0 back


7. Install 12.8 CAP 3

8. restart

Hope it works for you. It worked for me.

(I understand I will not be using this software this time, it's more a reference for the steps I should take)

So I guess my question is... do I need additional software besides the AMD CATALYST 12.11 BETA8 DRIVER? Can I just simply remove my current drivers, and then install the software - or do I need additional software, or need to change some steps? I've heard 12.11 was a BIG improvement, which is why I'm currently looking to update my drivers again.

Thanks in advance for any replies! :)

*************Quick Edit - I have the 12.11 CAP1 application profile ready to go, so should I be downloading 12.11 Beta8 with or without .NET Framework 4.0?
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  1. they recommended I go without .NET 4.0 Support on guru3d, So I have downloaded the 12.11 Beta 8 Software - I feel pretty confident I can do the same as last time

    The only thing I am not sure of is the 12.8 Display Driver/12.9 Embedded Catalyst thing

    Do I only need the two pieces of software instead of the three this time? Is there a specific third piece of software I will need?

    Should I simply remove my current drivers, and then install 12.11Beta8 and then the 12.11 CAP1 profile, and skip the middle step?

    Thanks again in advance for replies!
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