New build BSOD

Hi there
New around here so go easy on me!

Just built myself a new custom build,
Went for
intel i73770k
Gigabyte GA-z77X-UD5H
16gb of Corsair Vengance RAM
intel 520 SSD
Corsair HX PSU

All was going well, installed windows 7 64 bit ultimate fine. Installed motherboard drivers etc fine, then when i came to install the intel hd4000 drivers it went to pot.

Installs fine, then after restart will log in, everything will start crashing and failing to open, then 20 seconds in it will bluescreen. Can't get any error codes as it reboots straight away.
Managed to get round it by booting in to safe mode and deleting the driver, then disabling the device.
Gave up trying to find a fix as I thought I'll be using my GTX 295 anyway

Have install the 295, drivers installed fine. But if I ever put it on Aero or sometime just randomly, it will bluescreen?

I'm stumped. All windows updates installed, latest SSD firmware, latest drivers.
Anyone help me out?

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  1. What about motherboard BIOS updates?
  2. In Advanced system settings > startup and recovery, you can adjust the settings to stop the computer from automatically rebooting. If also shows you where to locate your dump file to see what was in the bsod. Doing google searches for the codes in the bsod file will help you find the problem.
  3. make sure in the bios Lucid Virtu™ Universal® MVP GPU virtualization support is off and the mvp software is not installed. it buggy and can cause bsod.
  4. tried latest mb update and even the beta to no avail,
    it runs fine in safemode, so does that rule out hardware fault or not?
    I'm 99% sure its got something to do with hd 4000 graphics, or the motherboard.

    will try your suggestions tomorrow when i'm not so fed up! thanks for your help
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