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over the pass years my pc has really gone down hill, i am planing to buy some upgrades. i will need a new CPU, RAM and a motherbored and maybe a video card. am in the $400-450 price range can someone help me pick out the parts that i should buy thank you =]. ( i have the radeon HD 4890 xxx edition)
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  1. 450 what ? it could be pounds, dollars, euros, etc.
  2. dollars, my bad
  3. My suggestion :

    or if you can spend more a 2GB 7850 : (it's out of stock for now)
  4. can i put my old video card into that motherbored, if i cant buy it all at once?
  5. Yes of course, it's a micro atx mobo, but fits any card.
  6. right now i have the armor+MX case , i have the ocz 700w PS will i need to upgrade that as well?
  7. No, that psu is good enough for the cards.
    As for the case it fits any micro or standard atx mobos.

    Also if you don't want to change the card and wait for the amd 8xxx, it gives room for a i5-3570k+z77+cooler, if you want to oc the cpu :
  8. what pus should i get?
  9. What for ? your psu is good enough, unless it's failing.

    Also like i said if you don't want to swap the card, you can get this :
    or a ssd(crucial m4 128GB) with the previous build less the card.
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