Need New Graphics card

Hello everyone
Im looking for a new graphics card for my desktop what i have now is this
*OS:Windows Vista Ultimate
*CPU:Intel Core Quad Q6600 2.40Ghz
*GPU:ATI 5450 1gb (I had gtx 260 i been running all games on HIGH SETTINGS but well gtx 260 is dead i had my pc from 2009)
*RAM:4GB (im thinking to upgrade to 8gb ram in the future)
*Hard drive:1TB
*Power Suppply:700w OCZ

What i have been looking is for Sapphire-Radeon HD7770 i want only to spend 100 pounds not more...
what i want is to play is battlefield bad company 2 online, Dayz, maby Battlefield 3,Skyrim, fallout 3

any suggestion is it good card or maby some people will now better one?
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  1. You are on the right lines with the 7770, the 650 is a good card aswell :
    I think the 7770 is a tiny bit better in some games and then the 650 in others, but both with similar frame rates

    Check that video out, it shows that the 7770 is better, the 650 only beats it in borderlands 2 :P
  3. mhm any more suggestion from other people
  4. For that price that's your best option.
  5. If you just put 20 (cost like 120$) more into it, you could get a gtx 650 ti, it's WAY better than radeon 7770.
  6. maby somebody is using that HD7770 graphic card
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