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Surround Monitors Messed up (HARD)

November 24, 2012 6:42:37 PM

*I swear, if anyone can fix this they need to be called a Deity cause this is really annoying and hard to fix.

3 Days ago, I set up Nvidia Surround Drivers 306.97, Worked wonders for 2 days, downloaded the beta drivers for 310, still was perfectly fine, Last night, went to bed, put my comp on sleep. Woke up, only 2 monitors we working (23' Samsung wasnt).

Tried pushing the cable in more, Didnt work

Switched the cable, Didnt work

uninstalled the beta driver did a clean wipe, re installed the 306.97, didnt work

tried using the settings on the monitor itself, to see if anything was wrong, but they dont work properly for some reason, All i get is it switched from Digital to Analog on the top left, and when I press the menu button I get Test Good top left.

Tested the monitors individually and 2 at a time, so I tested.
24" with 27" WORKED
24" with 23" NO
27" with 23" NO

So it seems like its the 23 inch right?

Tried going into Nvidia control panel, nothing that I know in there worked
Tried going into Screen Resolution, Nothing worked, INFACT.

After I was done doing all this, now I cannot connect my 24" with my 27", both screens go completely blank, and wont do anything, including the menus on the monitors themselves.
Have to emergency shutdown computer.

It says when I have the 3rd monitor connected to the 24" or the 27" its plugged in to the computer, just wont do anything.

I have a GTX660ti With ports HDMI, Displayport (NOT MINI), DVI-I, and DVI-D
*People say u need a Displayport in use to use surround, but you don't.

My 24" has ports HDMI, and VGA in the back
My 27" has ports HDMI, DVI-D, Displayport, and VGA
My 23" has ports VGA, and DVI-D

My 24" has the HDMI port plugged into the GTX 660TI's HDMI
My 27" has the HDMI port plugged into the GTX660TI's DVI-D
My 23" has the VGA port plugged into the GTX660TI's DVI-I

Could you give me any suggestions, cause I cannot afford getting a new monitor or 2, since I am just going into collage, and the entire system isnt even a year old.

You would be a God with monitor setup's If you can fix this...

As of right now, I can only use my 24" with 23" but the 23" doesnt do squat
use the 27" and the 23" still to drunk to do anything.