Low-end motherboard and high-end CPU and GPU

Hello, I'm locking for an advise i have a low-end motherboard MSI H61m-e23 b3 i"m buying a new HD 7950 and i5-3570K for gaming, so my questions is would the i5 work fine with my mobo? i know i need to update my bios for the cpu how?
and in a few mouth later i will buy a new mobo
any other advise about my upgrade?

my specs:
mobo: MSI H61m e23 b3
GPU: iGPU Intel HD 2000
CPU: Intel I3-2100
MEM: 2x2GB
PSU: cooler master GX-Lite 700watts
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500gb

thanks :)
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    Yes you can fit the ivybridge i5 but with that board i'd recommend the i5-3470, cause you wont be able to oc the i5-3570k
    You'll need to flash the board see this :

    Update BIOS for IvyBridge 22nm CPU.
    - Update VBIOS version.
    - Update USB module.
    - Improved memory compatibility.

    And the 7950 will do with that psu (it has a single rail +12v 55a 600w and with 2xpci-e connectors).
  2. thanks for your reply
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