cd rom does not work

I have a huge problem, I am working on a e-one 433(it's not mine).. Anyway the cd rom is not in system devices and when I tried to use a boot up floppy it said that their was no cd rom drive. Is this a driver problem or is it a cd rom problem.. Please help, I am a rookie..
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  1. Have you made sure it's plugged in properly and all?

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  2. It was working fine, then while trying to extract some files from windows 98 cd the computer locked up, had to use soft boot and after that it was no longer in system devices.
  3. first i would check all the connections.
    then double check the master/slave jumpers and make sure its auto detected correctly in the bios.
    if the drive is alone on a ide cable, consider swapping it around/replacing it.

    and does the drive light come on when u boot up? does it make any noise? try to access it in dos mode...

    if all fails then it may be a dead drive

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