Help my eyes and ears are bleeding! Last piece Graphics card

I am in pain from research and looking at benchmarks. I would like some advice or opinions from gamers/enthusiasts.
I have 300$ left in my budget for a graphics card. I can add another down the road maybe.
Nvidia or Radeon?
I want to pull the trigger on this in the next day or to so you advice would help.

i7 3770k 229$ microcenter
Asus maximus 5 formula 269$ newegg
g skills rip jaws x 2x8 1833 @ 84$ newegg
xspc raystorm rx 360 kit 350$
nxzt switch 810 black 179$ newegg
samsung 128g 840 pr0 139$ microcenter
Asus blu ray burner 12x BW 12b1st/blk 59$ new egg

I already have 750w psu; 64g samsung 830 ssd; 2x1tb HDD; Samsung p2770F 1ms

I game bf3, skyrim, wow, ac3 etc. I also want to start tinkering with overclocking and watercooling--GPU as well down the road. Not sure if i would need another GPU as I only have one monitor. This rig will also be used for entertainment streaming vids etc..
Thank you in advance....
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  1. For $300, I would get a Radeon 7950.

    Here's a decent brand name, triple fan, very slightly overclocked 3GB version for just under your budget:
  2. Woah, i was gonna say bump down to a 3570k for extra money but that 3770k at mircrocenter is a bargain! Try getting a 7950 for $300 if you can find one.
  3. Actually if i were you i would just get the 3570k for $170 at microcenter. Save the $60 and try to get a HD 7970 that would be awsome! You won't see a difference in gaming between the 3570k and 3770k.
  4. Just relooking over the build. Do you really need a $270 motherboard? I honestly can't see a single reason to spend that much. I'd drop down to like a ASrock Extreme 6, which frees up $120 without really giving up any features. That would let you go to like a 7970 3GB.
  5. Heck, drop down to an Extreme 4 - he's not going to be using the extra ports, so why pay for them? OP, you're overspending everywhere but the graphics card, which is the only place you WANT to overspend.
  6. i7 3770k is good the price is a bargain and if you can drop down to a extreme 4 asrock you can get a 7950 or 7970 XD
  7. Just noticed the $350 cooler kit, too. How did I not see that one before! Run a Hyper 212 instead and there's your second 7950!
  8. I chose the motherboard i guess from listening to sales rep about future proofing-the ease of overclocking etc features for novice- and the on board sound. I will look into the ASRock for sure. Maybe I have been looking at this wrong. Cant pass up on the i7. I wanted to break into watercooling for fun, oc and noise level but I guess I need to take care of video first. I am only using one 1080 27 in monitor do I really see benefit of second card?
  9. No, you don't need a second card.

    But think about watercooling. $350 cooling for a $300 CPU?
  10. what would safely cool 1-7 3770k processor with a little overclocking work?
    When you put it that way it does sound silly?
    Its hard not to get caught up in hype with so much sh-t info out there.
    If I could cool it for 80$ I could get the 7970
  11. AIR cooling that is
  12. Hyper 212 EVO is like $30-40 and is a forum favorite.

    For $80 you could run a giant Noctua D14 (double heatsinks!)
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