Crossfire HD 6950 problem

I set up my pc with 2 HD 6950 and i am having the following problem.
Everything is detected, i applied the crossfire bridge, in AMD CC everything is detected but my second card does not have activity and power 0%. Sometimes it has some GPU clock and Memory clock but sometimes is 0MHz
Can u pls help me out? Thanks
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  1. What's your PSU? I suppose if it's too weak it could be supplying power under low load but once load goes up it cannot keep powering the second card.
  2. no its corsair 1050
  3. Whats your Motherboard?
  4. ok after a lot of searching I had to disable ULPS through my registry. ULPS wasn't letting my second card to withdraw power.
    thanks for your fast answers!
  5. Lol, that was next. Glad you got it working!
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