I have an Antec Fusion case and I want to upgrade GFX.

AS stated I have an Antec Fusion HTPC case (the one with the VFD but no IR or remote). I want to get a Radeon 7770 or 7850 or an equivalent Nvidia card, I dont want to spend a lot and I want to know if my PSU will give me problems? I believe its around 400-450W... I'm not sure how to confirm it.

Can anyone who knows give me some advice?

Thanks in advance...
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  1. It depends on the quality of the PSU. A good unit would run a 7850, but the 7770 would be safer and run cooler in the case.
  2. Thanks, sounds like good advice. Is there a great deal of difference between the 2? If the 7850 is a lot better then I might take the gamble. My PSU is by Antec so I don't know what that means WRT quality.
  3. Well, a 450W Antec would run it, but I like to stay on the safe side.

    The 7850 would run, but personally I would feel more comfortable recommending something that will run for sure.
  4. Thanks mate, I'm going to get the 7770 ;)
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