New System Wont Boot, Please Help

Hello Tom's hardware,

So I just finished building my new (first) system:

Gigabyte G1.Sniper.M3
XFX 550w PSU
Corsair Vengeance Ram 16GB (2X8) 1600mhz

I followed the Newegg Video Tutorial. I first assembled all my parts outside of the case (breadboard) and had a successful boot. The CPU fan spun just fine. I now have everything installed. Unfortunately, when I hit the power button the computer will boot for 4-5 seconds and then turn off, and then automatically turn on again to repeat the cycle. The CPU fan twitches a little bit when the computer powers-on, but does not move after that. I am using the stock cpu cooler for now until my aftermarket cooler arrives.

I have read the troubleshooting guide here on Tom's and have verified that none of those are my issue. I plugged a different fan into the CPU fan slot and it spooled up fine but shut off with the system after a few seconds (5 or 6). I have plugged the stock CPU cooler into a system-fan slot, and it exhibited the same behavior. I plugged an extra fan into that same system slot and it ran normally.

At this point, it appears I have a bad stock cooler. Both the CPU fan socket and the other system fan sockets are all functional when used with a different fan. None of the CPU pins are damaged or bent. My system is rated at 365w on pcpartpicker and so a 550w psu seems sufficient.

Again, everything worked fine when I breadboarded originally with just the GPU, CPU, CPU cooler, and RAM installed.

It would seem strange for the cpu cooler to die between the time of the breadboard and the completed build.

What could possibly be causing the turn-on, turn-off cycle? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. That happened to me when i forgot to plug the extra 8 and 4 pin power to mobp. Dont think ur fan would cause it since yoi can turn off fan monitpr optio./warnong in bios. I think it has somethin to do wih low power. But im prolly wrong :p make sure ur mobo has the extra connectors plugged
  2. Installed a Corsair H80 and everything works normally now.
  3. After I reinstalled all my other components (Wifi Card, Drives, etc) I experienced the same problem once again. So I uninstalled the Wifi Card and the system booted up normally. I don't know why the Wifi card would cause the system to exhibit this behavior, but fortunately everything else works.
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