Any benefit of old card in sli?

Hi, I am upgrading to a gtx 660ti. Anyway, I have 2 old nvidia 9600 gt cards. My motherboard has two PCIE slots. Is there any point in keeping one 9600 gt in sli with a gtx 660ti? I was looking at nvidia's site and all answers point to no but I think I have seen pcs with similar gpu card mixes in them so I came here for a second opinion.
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  1. how is gtx 660 ti similar to 9600 gt?
  2. the 9600 gt may be good for physX.
  3. the 660 is way far faster than the 9600gt in sli. besides there is issue in sli. weak cards in sli is crap.

    would be a huge upgrade going to 660gtx
  4. The 9600gt is not even worth for a physX card just go with the 660 gtx ti single, in physX games it will only slowdown the much more powerful 660 gtx ti.
  5. this is using different card(s) but it does point out the difference when using a much slower card for physX than a more comparable card for the same. oh yeah i am hinting that using the 9600 is a bad idea . .
  6. ^Good video.
  7. Deemo13 said:
    ^Good video.

    i *just* ran across this one on the new egg channel . .

    i had no interest in BL2 but man that looks really great for an "anime" game.

    oh yeah, relevant to the topic showing the physX difference . .
  8. Wow, I didn't expect so many responses. Thanks guys.
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