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I'm getting an XFX 5850 black edition for free from a friend. currently running evga 9600gt (yes i know its old lol). I can find good deals for another 5850 for less than 100 bucks and wanted to do crossfire with them. would 2 5850's be as fast as getting a new gtx660? or 7870
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  1. I would stick with your current 5850. Its a good card.

    Also, make sure you have a suitable power supply.
  2. keep your free card. no sense in thinking they will "be as fast as"............. frames per second aren't the only way to gauge a cards performance. the 5850 and the 660 are completely different animals.
  3. how do the 5850's do in crossfire? I see a few of them for less than 100 bucks. only spending a total of 100 dollars and getting 2 5850's seemed like it might be a good setup.
  4. 1 5850 is a pretty good setup imo. 2 is still a viable setup today.
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