Is this an Upgrade old pc is dying.

So my old Q6600 DDR2 400mhz 680i gaming pc is dying and orderded some new parts Just curious if i shot myself in the foot or this is going to be an upgrade. New parts ordered are Fx-6300 GIGABYTE GA-78LMT-USB3 mobo G skill 4 gigs X series 1333 memory and my old 6850 gpu. Just wondering if this will be an improvement over what my old dying pc has.
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    I believe it will be good upgrade. It will be hard to find an apples to apples comparison between the two because they are so far apart in terms of production year and reviews, but you are talking about a 6 core AMD that performs somewhere between the current Intel Ivy Bridge i3 and i5 CPU's. You are also running DDR3 RAM and a modern architecture. Your motherboard also has faster I/O such as SATA3 and USB3 to name the 2 major ones. This allows you to run external devices faster, and internal HDD and SSD's at the 600MB/s rate. It opens you up to better upgrades as well.

    You did fine.
  2. I am also strongly considering getting the download copy of windows 8 for 39 since its still with in budget. I am currently running vista.. not sure yet.
  3. ^ I ran Vista for 5 years up until very recently. I had absolutly no issues with it at all. The only reason I upgraded to windows 7 was because I bought an SSD and wanted the TRIM support for the drive, which is not supported in Vista. I am holding out on Windows 8. I did the open user testing and just did not like it much at all. I can see it's value in a tablet or touch screen, but on a desktop or laptop with keyboard and mouse, it just frustrated me. It also has no start button and no good alternative for it. I like to be able to look at a list of my apps in program files, which is now gone. Sorry for the rant. Vista is still a perfectly fine OS, but $40 isn't that much to try it out.
  4. I get conflicting results regarding 8 and frankly most people complain because its quote new. I tryed it on a laptop and it seemed fine once you set it up your way. It reminded me a lot of 7 which I ran a preview build of 7 back before it came out and liked it. Can't afford 7 though and im kinda blah on vista.
  5. i personally hate windows 8. i kept installing each one RP, CP, DP and RTM thinking maybe something would change but it didn't. its just a tablet/phone os forced onto the desktop so ms can try to convince people to use their tablets. their tablet/phones are a failure and now no one is buying their os because they ruined it. its all apples fault!
  6. I'm using Windows 8 on both my laptop and my desktop. There's a few things about it that Microsoft actually did get right, but there's quite a bit that sucks. Here's my take.


    1. The standard Windows desktop is great and highly customizable. Yeah the start menu is gone, blah blah blah. But once you get past Metro it's fine.

    2. Metro is good for a few things - the tiles are pretty cool and it gives you a bit of customization and flexibility.


    1. Doesn't keep existing hard drive formats and has a hard time recognizing hard drives that are formatted for NTFS. I had to force it to recognize my 1TB hard drive and the control panel keeps it hidden - which is really annoying.

    2. The XBOX live media player is horrendous - it's worse than iTunes 11.
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