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I am buying a new pc. I would prefer a pre-built PC even though i understand it's cheaper to build it yourself. My budget is around $800. I am a pro gamer and i play hardcore games that require a monster pc. If you would please include monitor that would be much appreciated. Thanks !
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  1. an $800 prebuilt pc with a monitor isn't going to get you much. just go look at alienware and you will find that out quickly.
  2. what if i dont include a monitor?
  3. would you consider building it yourself? i just went to cyberpowerpc.com. i personally dont know alot about prebuilt gaming computer websites. maybe there is a cheaper place out there. but for $800 with monitor i was able to put together the build below. an i3-3220, 8GB, 500GB hdd, HD 7770 and a 24" monitor. you can get a much better computer if you built it yourself its the way to go if your comfortable with it.


    watch this video on building a pc.
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