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Hd 7750 on a 300w psu. im running a gt 430 on it so will the 7750 work

hi, you may have seen me on here before asking about upgrades fro the same computer but i never got the funds to go through with them.
i have a second hand hp prebuilt computer with a core 2 quad q6700 that has been installed with a gt 430 galaxy by the previous owner.
my question is will i be able to comfortably run an hd 7750 on my 300w psu?
the psu doesnt have any usefull info on it apart from that it has 19 amps on the 12v rail?
the gt 430 apparently consumes about 60w and the hd 7750 is 55w so it will work right?? or is it not that simple........
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    You should be just fine.
  2. if the gt 430 works, the 7750 should too.
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