PC Desktop to Smart TV via Wired Connection?

Pretty much as the title says.

Is it possible to "VIEW" myself playing a game on my Smart TV over the Ethernet connection? Sort of like a Dual monitor setup but with separate resolutions? I have a new 60" led and thought this could be a lot of fun.
I don't want desktop or PC control through the TV just to view whatever is going on, on my computer and since 100' HDMI cable would be... ridiculously expensive. This is my only other option.

I am running a GT 430 at the moment but will be purchasing a GTX 560ti in the near future. I can understand my current card probably doesn't have the power to push two separate resolutions without dying quickly, especially since it is nearing it's 3 year mark.
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  1. I guess you can stream your video online and try to view it on the smart tv web browser....
  2. My Smart TV doesn't have a web browser but that option was thought about and it wouldn't be as high of quality as I am trying to go for.
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