Anything I'm forgetting?

Hey guys,

I just bought the bulk of my system build, consisting of these parts:

I'm still waiting on finding a good case to fit them all in (mini gaming rig, bitfenix case I bought I didn't like), a good deal on a harddrive, and a deal on a 7950 card since all of the bundles I recently saw for a good price seem to have expired. I just realized I forgot to account for little things, like some thermal paste for the CPU. I've never built a computer before, are there any other small wires or anything that I'll need that these parts don't already include? I'd hate to have all of these parts arrive and then not be able to power the build up.

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  1. Take a look at this.


    Also, the H60 is not worth the price increase over the H55, so I would recommend getting that instead. Thermalpaste comes with the CPU cooler so it's fine.
  2. Awesome, thanks. I ordered through Amazon just in case I had to cancel stuff and go with a different item. Replaced the cooler w/ the one you suggested
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