Gtx 660 oem?

Hey, everyone
Ive been looking around for a new graphics card for my new gaming build and I found on craigslist a gtx 660 oem. I was wondering how does that compare to say a HD 7850 or Gtx 560 ti that I could get for the same price.
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  1. It will perform better than those two.
  2. GTX 660 outperforms both GTX 560 Ti and HD 7850.
    Which brand GTX 660 you've selected?
  3. It's the oem version. I'm not sure what brand it's made by.
  4. djangoringo said:
    It will perform better than those two.

    Even if its the oem version?
  5. why would you risk buying it from there ?
  6. Cause it's the best card I can buy for the price. Is there a huge risk in buying off Craigslist, is there anyway to test a card easily?
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