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Guys I am using my computer speakers for everything, my Ps3/TV/Computer are all going through my computer speakers, which is awesome it's what I want, but, I want to be able to control the volume! The speakers don't come with a remote, so I have to get up and turn the nob on my keyboard to turn down the tv now since the TV remote obviously don't work seeing as though the sound isn't coming through the TV any longer. I've been looking for a volume controller on the android market and havn't found one that suits what I'm looking for. Any ideas guys?
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  1. Interesting, I just found out something. If I go to the computer input and mute the volume, then go to the tv input, it's still just as loud as ever, I can do nothing to effect the volume of the tv! What do I do?
  2. No one can help?
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