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Will CX430 PSU be able to run a 7870 Vid Card

I'm a little bit confused about my PSU running a 7870. The 7870 has 2 6-pin slots but the psu only comes with 1 6+2 pin connector, but some resources online say that it should be able to run it? any clarification would be greatly appreciated
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  1. nope. it will not run with 1x6 pin connector plugged in.

    Since both 2x 6 pin plugs and 1x 8 pin plug delivers 150w of power... What they meant online is probably that you need a splitter. (it splits a 8 pin plug into 2x 6pin plugs)
  2. So I need a PSU with 2x6 pin pci-e connectors?
    I'm a little bit confused because a number of PSU calculators say that the cx430 should be able to run the 7870 along with the rest of my setup.
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    No. there's a splitter cable that converts the 6+2 pin plug you have on your psu into 2x 6 pin plugs.

    You need to have 2 x 6 pin plugs plugged into that gpu in order for it to work.
  4. gotcha. $5 for a splitter sounds a lot better than getting a new psu.

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