1920x1080 Blurry on LED TV

So I just bought this brand new TV and I hooked it up to my Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 Via HDMI, and its really blurry like the text and basically everything. Anyway I can fix this ?

TV Model:
24″ 1080P LED HDTV EW24T3LW

PC Specs:

2.1 GHz Triple Core
4 GB Ram
500 HD GB
Win7 64-Bit
Sapphire Radeon HD 5570
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  1. Westinghouse isnt really a good brand and are notorious for being bad quality and having many defects.
  2. I would try lower resolutions til you find what the tv likes. I have a Samsung 1080p tv that my computer is hooked up to and 1080p lookz like crap. I have it at 720p and it looks good, not only that, my video card can easily handle that resolution for games. On my old 1080p tv, a Polaroid, 1280x1024 is what looked best from the computer. Now on both Tvs, BR and Cable HD channels look great, just the computer didn't. I did read that on the polaroid if I forced a 28Hz refresh rate it would have handled it just fine at 1080p, but I never tried that, gave the tv to my parents to use as a tv long before I read about it. But for what it's worth, there it is.
  3. Thanks for the help guys all I had to do its set it to 0% Overscan in CCC Thanks for the help anyways ! It looks great now !
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