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What do I need?

Hello Buds, i'm brand new and very interested in other people's thoughts other than mine. I'm asking for help to know what YOU think I should change in my computer to play games such as BF3. I'm not asking for a monster product but Christmas is coming and I wanna upgrade this desktop.

I am new so tell me all the parts of the computer you need to know and how I can get them to show you.
Sorry but im a newbie/bambi! Thanks for your time!! I have windows 7 home premium.
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  1. A simple link to the model will work. Depending on the processor you're going to want to replace the GPU and PSU (graphics processing unit, power supply unit). If the CPU (central processing unit) is okay you won't have to change that but it that's too bad you'll want to replace that along with the motherboard. Then you'll have to install a new copy of windows but only if you replace the motherboard.
  2. Thanks for the reply man appreciate it and my model code is
    KQ497AA-ABA m9340f i hope that is what you were looking for.
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    You should be able to get away with running a 7770 and a new PSU.

    This will be a substantial increase but by no means the best. Depending on the age of the game and resolution most new games you'll run on medium settings and older games on high.
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  5. Thank you so much! So this will run Skyrim, Battlefield, and assassins creed medium?
    How much dedicated video ram does the graphics card produce? and could u also give me more options 250$ is my budget for a graphics card. THANKS SO MUCH MY FRIEND!
  6. The dedicated memory is the on board memory of the GPU.
  7. andrewcarr said:
    The dedicated memory is the on board memory of the GPU.

    What exactly is the GPU?
  8. dont answer that that was a stupid question i got it
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