Preformance boost after upgrade ?

Hello, im just wondering what would the rough percentage be if I upgraded my 6790 to a say 8850 2 gig and i exchanged my 4 gigs of ram for like 16 ?
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  1. Yea there would be a performance increase with the new GPU but RAM your gonna gonna notice more free memory so your computer would have to load its self all the time
  2. troll is right...........................
  3. how is that trolling swifty ? Its a real Q and I didn't expect to hear everyone being a smartA$$ every time i post a question
  4. How would anyone know? of course it will be certain the 8850 will be much better card, the 6850/7850 already is...
    Oh and if you like rumors :
  5. thank you djangoringo for not being a Pri@#. please close I was just wondering if it would be a HUGE upgrade
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