2 6850's or one 7870?

Hello everyone :3

I recently built my first gaming PC, and it runs everything pretty well, older games such as MW2 and L4D2 at max settings, and newer games like BF3 and AC3 at medium/high. The problem is I want to upgrade, and don't know which is better - Crossfire 6850's or a 7850/70. I already have one 6850 and that's why I'm having this dilemma. I've heard all about the microstuttering and problems like that, but for 2x the performance..and my monitor is only 60hz anyways. My biggest concern is heat and my PSU. I have a 500W Cooler Master PSU, and I'm thinking a 750W would serve much better. Also for heat I have the HAF 912 case, which has pretty good airflow, but those Crossfire 6850's get pretty got..So help me out everyone xD Thanks!
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  2. Rockdpm said:
  3. It might help to explain why I should spend $50 more and then have to sell my old video card.
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