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Whats better? 2 AMD 7970's or 1 Nvidia GTX 680?

Im fairly new to the world of custom computers. Im looking to build a new computer, but i have some things im not sure about. I've done research on the AMD 7970 and the Nvidia 680. What im looking to know is What does having 2 graphics card do? does it literally double the GPU's power capability? I'm either going to get 2 7970's or 1 680. I would absolutely love anybodies feedback on this subject. What would you recommend? I cannot afford to get 2 680's, but i can afford to get 2 7970's. Or if anybody has any suggestions on better graphics cards, such as do i even need 2 7970's? What are the pros, what are the cons of running with 2 cards, etc. If y'all could get back to me it would be much appreciated!

Thanks a lot!

N. Sheeren
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  1. even single 7970 offer same performance with gtx680...

    so that's mean 2x7970 is around two times faster than single gtx680..

    if you can afford these card, get it..
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    Yeah, the 7970 is smack dab in the middle of the 5% difference between the 670 and the 680. Go with the two 7970s.

    But here's the thing. If you only have one monitor, you don't need two cards - one 7970 will max out anything. Even if you have three monitors, not all games support Crossfire - it's really only guaranteed for the blockbuster titles.
  3. Oh ok, so if i dont need 2 7970's, from what ive read the 680 is slightly better. So would it be better to get the 1 680 instead of one 7970? Thanks for all the help.
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