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Assassin's Creed 3 Performance and Audio Issues


I am having a few issues with Assassin's Creed 3 and wanted to bounce them off you folks.

1) Audio - I have no voice audio at all. SFX and music are just fine but there is no dialogue sound. I am using an HT Omega Claro+ and have never encountered this issue before. Any advice?

2) Graphics - I am running 2 GTX 680 superclocks in SLI (driver version 310.33) with an i7-2700k. My current resolution is 5890x1080 across three monitors. If I enable TXAA at this resolution my performance dips to ~20 fps. If I turn off AA I vsync at 60fps (annoying I can't seem to turn it up higher as my monitors are 120Hz). Should I expect TXAA to have this much of a performance impact? Is there something I'm missing?

Thanks for your help
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  1. could be sound driver problem. you have on board enabled. you are using a sound card. and you have nvidia sound installed. if you're using the sound card, go into the BIOS and disable the on board and uninstall the nvidia HD HDMI and see what happens.
  2. +1 try onboard only, audio conflicts for some reason have been common among games released in the last 2 months (black ops 2) . And yes, even though you have 2x680 in Sli, 5760x1080 (i assume that's what you meant) is a monter resolution usually needed 2 cards at a minimum, and then AC3 (and Hitman Absolution, OMG) are VERY hardware intense.

    On a side note I hope AC3, Hitman Absolution, and Sleeping Dogs usher is a new standard in PC gaming. We've been stuck with straight console ports for too long, it's about time PC quality textures and settings were applied. I expect to Hitman Absolution with it builtin benchmark and amazing CPU core scaling part of reviews soon and for some time.
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    Assassins Creed 3 is having horrible performance issues on multi gpu setups. Hopefully they will release a patch soon for this. I run 2 7970s in crossfire and only get around 20 FPS in Boston with both GPUs only using 30 to 40%. I get better performance when I run a single gpu setup. Google assassins creed sli problems or crossfire problems and you will see that it is a known issue.
  4. Well I'm guessing like most game a 0day patch (even though it's not day 0) is forthcoming. Plus I guess that's why 12.11 is still in multiple betas and not the final release until December.

    I only installed and tested with fraps about 30 sec at the cave. Phemon II 940 @ 4.2 + 6950 2GB, about 30pfs if I set AA and shadows to med, rest to high.
  5. I'm suprised that there isn't a CAP available for the game yet.
  6. I'm there will be any day now, could be whats hold up the 12.11 final

    edit: i know cap is separate, but they are related, just speculating
  7. Thanks for the posts guys

    I will try to update my sound card drivers, run off onboard, etc. Googling around it seems several people have had issues with audio in various Ubisoft games.

    I've also since read that AC3 does not scale well with multiple cores, I suppose I was just shocked at how much of a hit TXAA saddled me with. But I suppose that's the trade off for multimonitor :D

    Also, 5890x1080 was bezel corrected, sorry for the confusion!
  8. In general, I find it frustrating that we were waiting for the "ultimate pc release" of this game only to find that it isn't in any way optimized for hardware that can actually run it with all its bells and whistles.

    Now, TXAA on one monitor, or low AA across three...
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  10. Go into the .ini config change the refresh rate there to 120 and turn off vsync. Also the game just seems to have performance issues in general for now. Hopefully the patches fix it.
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