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Just got everything ordered today from newegg. I know i could have looked around and got better deals on some of the parts, but im not worried about it as insurance is paying for replacement after my 2008 build got burned up in a house fire. So in a way its like a free upgrade and i have NO complaints here.

Old system(at least all i can remember):

-Some mid-tower antec case
-msi ??? chipset motherboard
-Intel Q6600 OC to 3.0Ghz on thermaltake typhoon cooler
-EVGA gtx 260 reference GPU
-some horrible PSU that made my system crash under load after short game sessions after around 2 years
-WD 500GB HD
-4GB ddr2 800 Ram(forgot brand)

New system:

-Rosewill THOR V2 full tower case(3 x 230mm fans for awesome cooling)
-ASUS p8z77v-lk motherboard
-Intel i5 3570k with Coolermaster 212 EVO
-Gigabyte gtx 680 (the windforce 2gb one)
-Evga 650W 80+ gold full modular PSU
-g.skill pheonix 240Gb SATA3 SSD
-WD blue 1TB HD
-G.Skill ripjaws 16GB ddr3 1600 RAM
-Microsoft Windows 7
-Microsoft sidewinder keyboard
-A4-tech F5 mouse

So coming from my old system I'm pretty sure ill be surprised by the leaps of performance gained. This will be my first build (first built by cyberpowerpc) but im pretty sure i know how to build it from the hours of research and watching the Newegg tutorial over and over. Ill never have a pre-built system again as the CyberpowerPC sent me my old system with the heatsink bent almost 90 degrees, but still had the "quality control" stamp on it. Shipping could have done it but it was bad.

I would like to hear your thoughts on how i did piecing the build together with the parts i chose. Really looking forward to that big box of parts arriving at my door soon. This will be primarily just a gaming build and will be used with 37" Vizio tv at 1080p until insurance come around and get a monitor. If anyone has any advice for a first time builder, it would be greatly appreciated and accepted. From the looks of it, it seems the most controversial thing with pc building is applying thermal paste.
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  1. id get something like this

    if you are not doing SLI, id downgrade the psu
  2. it says the heatsink does not work but all you need to do to make it work is go to, go to support and send them a email to get them to send you a 1155 mounting kit. its free
  3. Yeah i figured the psu would be overkill. After having a bad experience with a bad build quality psu in my previous build i just wanted to be sure i would have plenty of headroom to overclock if i wanted to without terrible degradation over the course of a couple years. I know there are some things in the build i could be more "cost effective" on but i like to buy what i feel is a quality part and not skip on anything that might become a problem in the future. I don't build a new system every other year like some ppl on here do, so the parts have to last a while.

    Also, i like the hyper 212 evo enough to save the extra 45$ over the noctua. Plus the case i am putting everything in is supposed to run extremely cool compared to some others due to the 3 x 230mm fans and 140mm rear exhaust. I'm a big believer in that if you keep your components cooler under stress and even at idle, the components will perform better for longer. To me its all about longevity and not "how cheap can i buy the irrelevant parts to spend on my awesome graphics card". Every part needs to be quality(besides maybe keyboard and mouse).

    Oh, and everything is already ordered, so this isn't really a "what parts should i decide on" thread rather than "how well did i do in choosing parts" (regardless of price)
  4. Yeah, one part i didn't look to much into was the cpu cooler. Saw the track record the 212+ and the 212 evo had and thought since so many people liked it, that it would be a good choice. People can even get pretty good overclocks on it with decent temps. I'm really hoping having the full tower with such great airflow will make a difference too. According to alot of reviews it does.
  5. you get 5c lower temos in almost all situations and half the noise with a d14
  6. Yeah 5c could be a big difference but i don't plan on any extreme overclocking. I would probably only max it to around 4.0ghz if i did and with it stock and the case combined the temps are more than acceptable for daily use. If i did want to go above 4.0ghz in the future i would probably invest in a better cooler, but for now i won't be doing too much other than stock as it won't be needed for most games now.
  7. ok then get a hyper 212 evo.
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