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GTX660Ti VS HD7950

Hey guys, I am in the process of selecting parts for my first pc build and am stuck on what graphics card I should buy.

I am considering a GTX660Ti or a HD7950 which cost the same and am wondering which one would be a better performer.

The main things I am looking for are that the card is reliable, will fit in a COOLER MASTER HAF912 case and will be able to support 2 monitors.

I am also wondering if it is worth me spending this much on a graphics card as all I require is for it to be able to support two screens (only one during gaming) and to be able to play games such as Diablo 3 COD and Battlefield in high settings @ 1080p.

Thanks :)
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  1. I would definitely go for the 7950. It should also fit in the case as well.
  2. Thanks Deemo13

    Would it be worth me buying something cheaper? what is the next be alternative to the hd7950 that will save me some money.
  3. I would go for the 7870. It of course has less performance, but still performs well.
  4. I would pick the 660ti (can't stand the CATALYST software) but as you said, those cards are almost the same in terms of performance. It's the same routine in every Nvidia\AMD debate - each GPU is stronger on other games.
    You mentioned BF3 so know that 660ti performs significantly better on this game.
    There isn't a wrong choice here.
  5. I would go for the 7950 any time. It clocks like a beast and has 3gb of vram.
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