I can't open my samsung laptop

Hello, i have a laptop samsung. before I can use the internet through wireless broadbrand. Then suddenly when I attempt to install a game, I can't connect to internet anymore. I ask an IT to fix the problem now I can't use the laptop. When I turned it on it will shut down right away roughly 3 secs. it will turn of. I can't even see the windows. What will I do? The IT said that there might be a problem with the HDD I don't know what is it?
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  1. Hi,
    If the laptop is under warranty, I suggest contacting the service.
  2. If IT said it was the Hard Drive, take it out to see if you can get into your bios. If not then thats bad and will most likely be the Motherboard or Ram. Unless the bat is dead and your not plugged in :P
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