Harddrive Failure?


Sry if this is the wrong area, it was kinda confusing but here is my problem.

SSD 60 HD (OS + some programs)
1TB HD (storage)
8gig ram
Standard optical drive asus (i4get the exact model)
AMD 6core Processor
Nvidia 550 Ti
Windows 7 (trying to install Windows 8)

I moved down, leaving my pc in another state for a few months. When I got it back I went to boot it up and I was getting a memory error after logging in, I only get a black screen with Windows 7 build number in the corner, no start bar. I can open task manager but I could not start new stasks (like explorer.)

I rebooted a few times also figuring I would run Windows 7 repair, but it could not find any problems. So Then I figured I'd just install Windows 8, but I have an iso, installing from a USB drive that I had windows 7 on. Using the windows 7 program to make a bootable USB drive. Every time I try to install I get stuck on the 2nd step, Getting the files ready for install, at 0%. The first time it happens it says all the files are not there. I have tried multiple iso's and have repacked them on the thumbdrive multple times. Every time after the 1st error, it just hangs at 0%.

Now every time that I boot, I get windows boot manager error, 0xc00000e9. Please remove any usb drives unexpected error yada yada.

I have tried disconecting my SSD and just using my 1TB hard drive and, it does not see the 1tb HD at all at the install screen, when selecting my partition.

I am guessing my HD's are shot, but when I go into bios, I can see them.

Now I know that they had moved my pc, idk if they droped it or anything, but thats what it seems if my HD's are dead. I was under the impression that SSD's are more more or less Shock Resistant, so I dont see how that would kill both at the same time.

I am going to try Installing windows 8 1 more time, with the 1TB Hard drive out, (I think I did this already but Its late and I am getting Tired & dont remember.)

So any Advice would be greatly Appreciated.
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  1. With the 1TB HD unplugged I am still getting stuck on the 2nd step of the Install.
  2. I ran UBCD 5.1.1 Via USB, and my 1TB Harddrive checked out just fine, I don't know how to run it on my SSD since it doesnt have a program for the SSD. When I ran windows 8 system Repair for windows 7, It said that my Hard drive was locked, and that I would need to unlock it before continuing, Just my SSD was hooked up. So I guess I need to unlock my SSD then go from there, just how the heck do you unlock the SSD HD.
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