Building new PC, thoughts?

I'm in the market for a new PC. Going to have some downtime soon, so it's as good a time as any. I'm looking pretty high end. Budget for this is going to be $1500-1800ish without the OS/Monitor/etc. I'm intending for it to be for both games and other software. I'll admit I'm still pretty ignorant about a lot of this, so I'm flexible. I do have some experience doing to the physical building part (built my last PC). I do plan on overclocking, but that is something I have no experience with, so I'll probably wait on that for now. Anyway, parts.

Intel i7-3770k
G.SKILL Ares Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)
Galaxy 670 4gb
SAMSUNG 840 Pro 128gb
WD Black 2gb
Rosewill Thor Full Tower
Corsair HX850
No Idea what cpu cooler or optical drive I want.

A few quick notes/questions: This will be running on a 1920x1200 set up for now. I say for now in that I may be looking at either going to 1440 or 1600, but that wont happen for some time.

Most people seem to agree that 4gb vram is wasteful. But, for instance, I play Bethesda games in a heavily modded state (my current set-up, which isn't particularly stable (playable-ish) on my system, has 100ish esp active. And that is after cutting out 80 or so and not including any visual enhancements. I also figure I'll eventually run this in SLI when I can pick up another gpu for cheaper and at that point would probably be running a higher resolution/multiple screens.

Are there any significant benefits to upgrading to windows 8? I'm planning on bringing 7 from my last PC at the moment.

If there are areas where I can go cheaper with little loss I'm open, or slightly more expensive for better performance (to a degree).
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  1. Awesome build! I would change a couple things, but that's just because my OCD wants all the parts to come from Corsair or Asus, and I like the way these parts look! Been reading reviews online for MONTHS, and this is what I came up with..

    Case: Corsair Vengeance C70 =$109.99

    Power Supply: Corsair AX860i or Corsair AX860 =$229.99 or $199.99

    Motherboard:Asus Sabertooth Z77 =$239.99

    CPU:Intel i7 3770K =$329.99

    Video Card:Asus GTX 680 4GB =$569.99

    CPU Cooler:Corsair Hydro H80i or Corsair Hydro H80 =$109.99 or 89.99

    Memory:Corsair Dominator Platinum 2x8GB DDR3 1866 CL9 or Corsair Vengeance 2x8GB DDR3 1866 CL9 =$152.99 or $109.99

    SSD:Corsair 120GB Neutron GTX =$134.99

    Hard Drive:Western Digital 1TB VelociRaptor =$219.99

    Optical Drive:Asus 14x Blu-Ray Burner =$99.99
  2. Is this for gaming? The i7 is a waste of money: the only difference between it and an i5-3570k is that the i7 has hyperthreading, which games don't use. (A lot of games are actually slowed down by it.)'

    You could also save money on the motherboard - an AsRock Extreme 4 is an amazing motherboard and quite a bit cheaper, and AsRock is the budget subsidy of Asus, so you know you're getting quality.

    Don't even bother with a 680 (ever!) or a 4GB card. The thing is that by the time you're buying a second card, the 680s won't be able to max out games on three monitors, so 4GB is a waste. As for running mods, the ONLY game that you would have issues with would be Skyrim , and that's only if you're running badly coded mods. It's up to you whether it's worth it for one or two more mods in a single game.

    If you aren't running a low-ram computer, there are no benefits to windows 8 - I'd stay with 7, and I have fairly extensive experience with both. Just make sure it's 64 bit either way.

    I personally would get a cheaper case by about $40 - you won't notice a difference between those price points. I'd also get an 830 instead of an 840 pro - there's no real-world difference besides price. (But never get an 840 non-pro.)
  3. @ dns7950 Thanks for the recs. Some of it would add up a bit out of my price range, and I'm rather intimidated by water cooling.

    @darksable This is for both gaming and photo/video editing/etc. which is why I'm thinking the i7 vs the i5.

    What are some of the better 670s? Sometimes it's hard to figure out who to trust on newegg (no one leaves detailed enough feedback) and I always feel like someone is talking about some cooling issue or something that makes me nervous.

    My win7 is 64 so that's all good.

    This might be a stupid question, but do windows have any benefit besides... being a window? They've always seemed rather pointless to me since I don't care much for PC aesthetics.
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