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Hey, I have a laptop with Intel HD 3000 integrated card but it also has Nvidia GeForce GT 630m 1gb GPU, I play World of warcraft and I just wanted to know if I have to do something so my laptop will run games of the Nvidia GPU and not the Intel HD one or is it automatically running of the Nvidia one? Sorry if that did not make any sense, I am not so good with GPUs. Thanks.
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  1. you are 100% sure that you have 2 graphics cards on laptop? :DD If so then go to BIOS just restart computer and continuosly press DELETE it shoulld go to BIOS and then you have to find to choose GPU becouse i dont know your BIOS it mybye be UEFI or old schoold BIOS soo
  2. Haha, I went to device manager and looked at the display adaptors which lists The Intel HD 3000 and also Nvidia GT 630m dedicated.
  3. Ah I forgot to add would disabling it in the device manager suffice? Or Would I go to BIOS and disable it there?
  4. Too BIOS
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