Is this a good build for a gaming PC?

Just wondering if this build is compatible and able to run top of the line games such as battlefield 3, Skyrim, and AC 3 on Max settings in over 40 fps. I'm going to use the stock CPU cooler it comes with (without overclocking), probably going to get a new heat sink so i could overclock soon. Lastly, is it better to buy a PCI Express Wifi Card, or just a USB wifi Adapter? Thank you :))
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  1. You'll get about 40 FPS on Ultra with BF3, basic Skyrim will be good, mods will make some difference but not alot, and AC3 still has problems due to shoddy coding, so theoretically you should be able to play it fine if you can avoid/overcome the performance issues. As far as wifi via PCI Express or USB, there's pretty much the same, just depends on your specific config, like other PCI Express cards and if you have a preference of internal vs. external devices.

    Overall, "Is this a good build for a gaming PC?" I'd say yes.,3297-7.html
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