Want to know what graphics card i can have with a 600 watt psu

Hiya i need some help

basically i want to have a 3d monitor so i can play my games in 3d but to do that i need a decent graphics card that supports it i currently have a zotac 9800gt which does support but isnt recomended so i need a better one but im not sure how much wattage i have left as i am not good with things like this i know i have a 600 wtt as it says on the psu atx-600.
i will tell you what i have in my system

gigabyte ga h55m usb3 motherboard
intel i5 760 processor 2.8ghz
4gb of ram
1tb of hard drive
zotac 9800gt 1gb 256mb bit
windows 7 64 bit
samsung b2230

i tjhink thjats it from what you need to know

please ge back to me
many thanks James
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  1. Really, you should be able to get any GTX series possibly excluding the 590/690. They are all rated for 500 watts. As for AMD you might have to be more careful.
  2. " As for AMD you might have to be more careful"????

    Do not bother with the above comment. Both AMD and Nvidia make some good cards and some bad cards. Cards failing and service is more to do with the end distributor then then parent company itself.

    You can have a look at this for more info, decide on a budget and pick up a card accordingly.


    Also, the screen resolution matters. I am rocking a 7870 on a 1920x1080 screen and have never seen any slowness what so ever. My older AMD Athlon rig has a 5670 which pushes a 1440x900 and it worked fine albeit on lower settings. My 8600 GT rocked prior to that and I have never seen any of my cards failing.

    So it depends on your budget. Throw us a budget and I can get back to you with a recommendation.
  3. Mail, I'm not a fanboy of Nvidia, but I'm not as familiar with AMD cards, sorry. A budget will help both of us decide on according cards. We good mail?
  4. about 100 ish
    obviously if one is £20 dearer and its better then il go for that

    many thanks for your support
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  6. and i would much prefer a nvidia as they have 3d vision ready
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