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so I am asking this for a buddy, he has an old laptop with a dual core t4400 cpu and amd hd4300 mobility(hd4330m) graphics and wants to run bo2 at lowest possible settings at 1024x768 or 800x600 resolution. He doesnt care much about graphics he just wants to play it with around 20-30 fps. Now he was able to run mw2 and mw3 smooth at medium settings but he had some terrible lags with black ops 1. Altho I suspect that happened because of the cpu since black ops had some terrible coding issues with all dual core cpus in general. Even I couldn't run the game well with my gtx560 ti SOC and a dual core cpu.
Now the question is, would he be able to run the game without any major lags? My answer is yes but what do you fine people think? My mate doesn't want to spend $60 to find out.
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  1. more than likely no. he would probably have to put on a resolution around 640x480. i wouldn't bet $60 on it.
  2. He should be able to play well. But its not worth spending 60$ to know it.

    BO2 is made in the same engine as MW3, so it is sure that he'll be able to play it nicely on Low.

    Maybe he should download Pirated copy of Black Ops 2. If he is impressed then he should Buy it.
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