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Graphics Card Excitement!

November 25, 2012 8:31:46 AM

Originally wanted to get a good upgrade to play games at top settings (1920x1080). Coming from a GTX 560ti 448 and i5-2500k 4.7ghz.

Did forum post on Tomshardware for $300-350 card and got a couple of responses for a GTX 670 and 7970. Read reviews, placed an order at 10am Friday for a Gigabyte 7970 for $400 (Newegg). Hoping it will come Monday or Tuesday. Friday night it was still in packaging state. Newegg live chat was not helpful. Continued reading reviews, I soon realized the currently shipping Gigabyte 7970 cards are voltage locked. Cancelled order.

Ordered Late Friday night a Sapphire Radeon 7970 on Amazon for $400. Woke up Saturday morning and price was $350. Went through live chat and got the difference refunded. Next day delivery getting it on Monday. Total with taxes and shipping is $412. Delivery Monday. Price on website is now back up to $430 before shipping/taxes.

Hope everything works out ok :)  New catalyst performance reviews put a nicely overclocked 7970 in front of a GTX 680. Can wait to OC and get 3d Mark score and some benchmarks.