GPU upgrade (CPU bottleck, help)

Hello, I am currently seeking an upgrade for my graphics card, I have a 9800 gt, and I am looking for something around 150-250 dollars.

My cpu is an i5 650, and I am just wondering what video card would perform well around my price tag, and not bottleneck my cpu.

Thank you, for the help.
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  1. I think u will be ok.U can OC that CPU easily and get more perf.

    Look my sig.I can max out every game Except BF3 where i get 50+.

    So what is your resolution ?
  2. 1920x1200, I believe. (Sorry, I should have been more thorough, I looked at the sticky after posting this, and I did not include a heck of a lot of information)
  3. Hello there, thank you for the suggestion and the link! That is a very nice looking card. :D
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