Connect my Aspre v3-531 to t.v?

How do I connect acer Aspire v3-531 to a T.V? I have a hdmi lead with vga on one end . . . . I have tried plugging hdmi in laptop and vga in t.v I also tried vga in laptop and hdmi in tv none of them are getting picked up"
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  1. why not just a hdmi to hdmi cable or vga to vga cable?
  2. It's because the HDMI signal is digital and the VGA signal is analog, they are not compatible.
  3. Ok, I have only got a HDMI to VGA lead, so if I buy a HDMI 2 HDMI should it connect with no problem?
  4. Off course, like rgd1101 said, HDMI to HDMI or VGA to VGA.
  5. Ok, Thank you I will pick 1 of them leads up this week and try that, if there is still a problem I will repost on here . . . . :)
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