New system and weird problem with ie

well i'm having this problem that my system acting wierd with internet explorer as u can see in the image
well the problem started when my 1 t hdd faild so i got replaced for it and when i got the replaced one this problem came

system spec
i7 3770
g skill trident x2400 4x4
sesonic pw 750
gtx 670 sli
hdd 320
hdd 1t
crcuial 256 ssd

i also tried to do clean install of windows and same problem still exist
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  1. Not sure what i'm looking for, but have you tried using another browser like Google Chrome.
  2. i just installed chrome and seems work fine , however what i'm saying is it's a clean install and internet explorer should work fine since it hasn't been used before
    i didn't see this problem before and i don't know what the reason to make ie act like that
  3. You need to explain what the problem is, please. Saying that IE acts weird doesn't help much.
  4. well the problem as stated that internet explorer buttons disappeard like i have shown in the picture , i didn't have this problem before

    i tried clean install of windows 7 but the problem still exist .
    i don't know what causes it
  5. In add/remove programs, use add/remove windows component to remove and put back IE to see if it works. I'm not with my Windows 7 machine, so not sure if the option is there thou.. Windows 8 has it.
  6. Which buttons have disappeared? Please tell us the exact buttons you are looking for. Thanks....
  7. Sorry to be 'that' guy but why on gods green earth are you using ie anyway?

    In terms of why its not working, have you tried updating to the latest version?

    I don't really see any buttons missing there, other than maybe menu buttons, but they could be hidden, you tried pushing alt while in ie to see if they appear?
  8. If you intended to keep using IE, I suggest you upgrade to IE9 and see if that fixes the problem. It's a far, far better browser than IE8.
  9. well i don't use ie much but the fact i did clean install it should work okay, as pervious time when i did isntall new version of windows 7 ,no i didn't push any button i just prtscr to show you

    another picture
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