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HD 6670 on a 305W Dell PSU

I got a Dell Optiplex 745 with an e6600 and 2gb of ram for 20 bucks on ebay the other day. I'm looking for a descent low power card to make an HTPC/light gaming PC to give to a friend for christmas.

I know the 6670 says it needs a 400w psu, but the Dell PSU has 264w on the 12V rails and the 6670's advertised TDP is only 66 so I thought it would be ok. Anyone disagree or have a better sugestion around that price range ($50)?
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    6670 cosumes max 50 W so you are ok.

    And thats the only card in that price range. Cant suggest better.

    Good Luck
  2. I have that same card on 400W PSU and it works fine. It consumes low power so you're good to go.
  3. You'll be sweet, I have one with a Pentium 4 on a 325 w supply, I can play doom 3 (origional version not bfg version), call of duty 2 maxxed, Battlefield 2 plays really well even modern warfare 1 with the settings dropped a bit, need for speed most wanted plays well too. Modern warfare 3 and battlefield 3 will play at 1080 easy with that your cpu, I was playing mod 2 with that card on a E2200, skyrim work with settings dropped on a 1440x900. For its price the HD6670 is a fantastic card, you can't go wrong, considering I'm an Nvidia fan boy I reccomend that card to any one building a budget windows Gaming machine, it will even game well on linux too, just expected corrupted graphics with mass's of red artefacts blurring your screen till you have the catalyst drivers installed, I did it last night, painful but its beautilful on Ubuntu 12.04 unity on my Pentium 4 htpc
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