Upgrade from nvidia 9500GT 512MB to HD 6670 DDR5 1 GB

Hi Guys,

I was planning to upgrade my graphic card from nvidia 9500GT 512MB DDR3 to HD 6670 DDR5 1 GB.

I mostly play FIFA or from time to time some NFS games and nothing else which would require a graphic card.

Currently i cant play FIFA beyond 720p, so i thought it was time for an upgrade.

Is the upgrade worth it? i am looking at 3-5 yrs of performance from this.

I have a Intel i5-760 @ 2.8 Ghz , 2x2 GB RAM, Intel DH55TC MoBo.

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  1. Also, my budge is Max. $100 and i have a 550W PSU
  2. I suggest you a Radeon HD 7750 1GB, its more powerful that the HD 6670.

    The price in newegg is $94.99


    Low power usage. Great buy for the money.
  3. well that overshoots my budget alot, since that card isnt available in my country (India) any other suggestions?
  4. You will see a performance increase. I think the 9500GT competes with the old Radeon HD 4650. The Radeon HD 6670 is a pretty decent mainstream card and it would be around as powerful as the nVidia 9800GT.

    Will it last you 3 - 5 years? I suppose so if you play games at lower resolution and lower graphic settings in the future. If you cannot afford a HD 7750 (equivalent to about a HD 6770), then the HD 6670 is probably your best option.
  5. If yo can't go for a 7750, 6670 is the best bet.
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