Gaming build Windows 7 or 8

I am in a conundrum, and would like to weigh the pros and cons of each. i'll make a chart, help me out by adding your thoughts.

Windows 7
- More widely used
- Easier to maneuver
- More supported by current software

- More Expensive than Windows 8
- Older software, less likely to be supported for future software

Windows 8
- Cheaper than windows 7
- Newer Software more likely to have support and updates for longer

- Harder to navigate (although i have heard classic shell which is a free download solves most of these problems)
- Low adoption rate may mean users are stranded with a shunned OS

Thats all i can think of. Looks like windows 7 has more pros. but the money thing is fairly important at this point. Thoughts?
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  1. windows 8 has some issues with some games so buy windows 7 and upgrade later
  2. I've played Far Cry 3, Battlefield 3, Crysis 2, Skyrim, The Walking Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 on Windows 8 with no issues, so I think any "Issues with games" are overblown. You should pick whichever one is cheaper IMHO - they really are very little difference, MS basically swapped out the start menu for a "start screen" metro interface, and added "metro apps" of which there are approximately none, so you use the same desktop apps you do on Windows 7
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    I recently made a few major upgrades to my rig (CPU, MB, RAM) and got my first SSD. After hearing some rumors, and out of sheer curiosity, I decided to give Win8 a try. To start off, I was thoroughly impressed with boot times. It takes about 25 sec to be fully operational and 16 sec is spent in the POST. Sadly, after my fascination with how neat Win8 looks went away, I seriously started hating the Metro UI, because it fkn sucks (AND I have a dual screen set up - fly out menues (hot corners) are a no no).
    Long story short, after some research I found classic shell and got my start menu back. Games run fine (Currently playing BlackOps 2, Torchlight II and WoW). Paired with an SSD, Win8 is pretty good, however I would not recommend it over Win7. If you're curious - go for it (you might even like the Shitro UI). Other than that stick to Win7 (who buys software these days anyways?)
  4. There are no issues at all with Windows 8 and games or software, anyone saying so is lying.

    Windows 8 + Start8 = Great Combo

    Buy Windows 8, install Start 8 = Saving Cash = Profit

    Windows 8 takes 20 seconds to boot into the desktop from powering my computer on with loads of stuff starting up on a SSD which is swell too.

    If it wasn't for Start8, I would be using Windows 7 again.
  5. As for windows 8 vs 7, it's more a out learning it. I forced myself to learn, I'm a tech and would have to at some point. But I do a good bit of gaming. Sleeping dogs, chivalry, just cause 2, metro 2033, planetside 2 to name a few all run great. I have seen some things like our newest version of Symantec at work causes trouble with windows 8, our VPN client does not play nicely either as far as I'm able to see. All told windows 8 is liveable and does gaming just fine. If the look and feel is a big deal classic shell helps. I actually am forcing myself to use the start screen, but 95% of my time is on desktop or games. Windows 7 is tested and you know what you get. If on a budget windows 8 will do what you want and you can get windows 7 look and feel back to an extent with classic shell.
  6. windows 7 is a no brainer for me.
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