Constant fps lag in some games

I cant identify what is causing my constant fps drops on some games...
Processor Amd a6-3500 2.4ghz overdrive
Mobo Jetway Ta55M Fm1
Ram Kingston 4gb DDR3 1333mhz
GPU Sapphire HD7750 1gb ddr5
Hdd seagate 500gb
Psu fortress 700w

I have constant fps drops in games like Medal of Honor Warfighter.Deus Ex Human Rev, etc

Can someone plss help me identify this problem
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  1. What resolution and quality settings are you using? The 7750 is a budget card and not meant for 1080p gaming barring lowered details.
  2. If your playing at 1080p and with high/medium settings that's what you'll get with your current setup.
    Try downloading the latest drivers from amd or/and lowering the resolution or settings, plus that cpu is really weak.
  3. I Have updated my Drivers to 12.10
    My Resolution is only 1366 x 768
    Do you think maybe the cpu is the problem here?
  4. Well, check the CPU usage then during those drops ;). Also, I'd advice checking temperatures during drops with HWMonitor: Check both CPU and GPU temperatures!
  5. The cpu usage are relatively low maybe like 60 to 80% and the temp of my cpu when gaming is 50 celcius and my gpu goes 55
  6. 80% CPU usage isn't low... That why your games are lagging. I suggest overclocking your CPU if it's an option.

    As you can see the 6850(which is a better card) at 1280x1024 really struggles with 31 fps on medal of honor, my advice is to lower to 720p (1280x720) and turn off some settings like MSAA or SSAO or stay at medium settings, and like someone suggested see if you can oc the cpu and also the 7750 with overdrive or msi afterburn you might gain a few fps boost.
  8. Sorry for the long reply i got busy all of a sudden
    So i saw a video in youtube with the hd7750 playing assassins creed revelations.
    He turned all graphics settings to the max and was playing smoothly he is using 1366x768 resolution..
    I have the assassins creed revelation same reolution but lower graphics settings but i am experiencing some mini lag.
  9. The problem with videos is that it's very hard to notice lag with them, because you are not in control of the character.
  10. try to oc your CPU if there is any fps increase then your CPU is causing the problem
  11. I was trying to OC my cpu but i dont know how and i think amd apu's are locked
  12. I also noticed that my core clock was automatically underclocking to 799mhz then going back to 2399
  13. yeah you right a6-3500 is locked its most be K version
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