Graphics card upgrade 8800gtx sli to 650 sli

Hi All
Looking at upgrading my existing graphics cards currently running 8800gtx sli which i have been running for a fair number of years now, is it worth upgrading to 650 sli ? or should I just go for one higher spec cards like 670 - 680 ?

Havent bought a card in a while and out of touch with the new stuff, I have looked at a few bench marks and a few reviews but none is that conclusive of if its worth the change.


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  1. You can't sli a 650 gtx it has no sli bridge, go with a 660 gtx or 670 gtx.
  2. Cheers for that i did wonder, couldnt see a bridge on the card pictured
    already saved me some hassle.
  3. A single high end card is a much better way to start than sli-ing two low end cards anyway. It gives you an upgrade path. If you're using 8800s now you probably have an older cpu and motherboard that you will probably want to upgrade soon anyway. Plan ahead and you will be happier in the long run.
  4. Yep would agree, currently running a intel quad core cpu , I would
    say this will be the final upgrade before looking at replacing the mb/ ram etc
    I built this to run crysis which it ran everything on full when the game was
    released, Think I will look at either 670 or 680 looks like the prices are starting
    to fall a bit.
  5. Two very good choices. Keep your old card for when you sell your old system (or sell it and part it out)
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